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Rogz Dog Harness Control, Utility, Medium 16mm, Dayglo


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Rogz Control Harness, Utility ensures comfort for your dog while providing you with additional control. The padded chest plate provides extra comfort and support for your dog, transferring pressure from neck to chest. There are two lead attachment points: 1. Classic Lead attachment ontop of your dog’s back for everyday use and 2. Multi Lead attachment on the front chest pad for Stop-Pull control and Two-Point steering. This dog harness is perfect for training and long walks. Fully adjustable with highly reflective stitching for night-time visibility as well as box-stitched joins and high-quality webbing for added strength, durability and safety.
Medium, Width: 16mm, Girth adjustability: 32-52cm
Fit Instructions – Ensure both back clips are open and the adjustments are loose enough before you slip your dog’s head through the neck loop. Reach under your dog to pull both buckles up and clip closed. There are multiple adjustment points to ensure you get the best fit for comfort and function. Once adjusted to size, there should be a two-finger gap between the harness and your dog’s body.



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