Rogz 2-in-1 Small 160ml Bubble Dog Bowl


Hygenic, Durable, Non-Skid Base, 2-in-1 Design, Machine Washable, Funky Designs, Multi-Purpose.

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The Classic Rogz Bubble Bowl is made from melamine and stainless steel. Stainless Steel is non-toxic and the first choice for strict hygiene conditions. Easy to clean, 100% non-harmful or toxic to a pet’s body, the Bubble Bowl comes in many awesome and funky designs. The Bubble Bowl is strong and does not break easily, is UV and corrosion resistant. Talk about durable! The natural non-toxic silicone base prevents slippage and makes this bowl non-skiddable. You can also wash Fido’s bowl in the dishwasher! A two-in-one bowl, the Bubble Bowl’s stainless steel inside bowl can be used for water while the outer Melamine bowl can be used for food. How handy is that!

Size and Volume: Small – 160ml

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Turquoise Paw Design, Purple Forest


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