Amigo Confidence Puppy 20kg


Quality dog food produced locally with Karoo Ostrich and Lamb. Suitable for allergenic doggies.

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Amigo Confidence is a premium range of foods suitable for
dogs of all breeds and sizes. Its formulations only contain the
finest animal proteins, exclusively from Karoo ostrich and
lamb. All Amigo Confidence products are fully hypoallergenic
and suitable for even the most demanding and sensitive dogs.

Amigo Confidence Puppy’s nutritional levels are specifically
adapted for this key physiological stage. Protein, mineral
and vitamin levels are higher to promote optimal bone,
teeth and muscle development. Our special formulation
contains chondroitin and glucosamine to stimulate healthy
joint growth.

All of Amigo’s ingredients are fully traceable and their formulations
are based on single origin, highly digestible protein sources
such as Karoo ostrich and lamb. Essential fatty acids Omega
3 & 6, added vitamins and bio-available, organic, crystalline
trace minerals support the immune system while the right
balance of protein, fat and energy contributes to your dog’s
digestive health and wellbeing.

  • No artificial colourants
    & flavourants
  • Free of wheat gluten to
    avoid allergies and
    improve well-being
  • Steam cooked to preserve
    taste and goodness


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